Learn French with a native French speaker via Skype

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Personalized tuition - in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere

If you have never studied French before or if you have a very basic knowledge, I can help you get started on the road to speaking French.

I speak English so I can explain vocabulary and grammar in English when necessary.

You can work from your home or work in comfort. Lessons via Skype are a convenient, easy & friendly way to learn French in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Learning via Skype is interactive which means I can send you exercises, photos, texts, videos etc. It offers great flexibility and makes for interesting and enjoyable lessons tailored to your specific needs.

You can speak and not be afraid of making mistakes. I am here to help you progress. And as you progress you will learn whole phrases rather than just words.

They are 45-minute lessons with some revision from time to time to make sure you have digested the material. Because it's a private lesson, we go at your pace. And a 45 minute lesson is a comfortable time, not too long and tiring, not too short and speedy. The cost is 20 euros per hour.

The lessons are lively and interesting. You will learn vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation and I follow up with tailor-made personalized homework.

With one-to-one French lessons, each lesson is personalised to your level, and designed to meet your specific needs. Every lesson is backed up with homework. The lessons are adapted according to your level and your needs. Personalised lessons with me mean that you will be able make rapid progress.

The lesson is split in several sections : reading in French, speaking in French, pronunciation, conversation, written grammar exercises, new vocabulary, explanation of your homework.

Whether you are a beginner or have an intermediate or advanced level in French, please E-mail me for further details or to set up an appointment.

Looking forward to hearing from you.